SunFly Warranty

Sunglass Warranty

Lens pop out? Hing break? We want you to rock our glasses for years to come and we believe in the quality of our products. So in the rare case it's required we do offer a 90 day limited warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, environmental damage, scratched lenses, theft or loss (in the event they fly off as you take a header off your paddle board.) This warranty does not apply to damage due to direct or indirect misuse/ abuse. We may ask for pictures and for you to return the damaged product (at your cost) to us for inspection to ensure it meets our warranty guarantee. Please contact us at if you believe you have a warranty claim.

SunFly Watch Warranty

SunFly watches are covered for 90 days against manufacturer defect related to the watch movement. (the inner workings that make it go 'tick'). The warranty does not cover normal wear/tear, environmental or water damage. Please contact us at if you believe your watch may require warranty replacement. We may ask that you send us your watch for either repair or replacement and that you cover the shipping charges to send the watch in. Warranty will be voided due to damage from link or battery replacement. Please see an professional for both link adjustments and battery replacement services.

SunFly Breakage Warranty Coverage

Sh%t happens. Never truer words. We understand that having products made of wood, and although durable, can be more susceptible to damage or breakage over their life. A simple drop at the wrong angle, accidentally crushing them or stepping on them can lead to un-repairable damage. Knowing this, SunFly offers an extended free 'breakage' warranty on all watches and sunglass products. So what exactly does this mean? It means that if you damage your goods or break them within 120 days of purchase, we will offer you the opportunity to purchase a replacement product or similar (at our discretion) for up to 50% of the on-line retail price. To take advantage of this 'breakage' warranty, customers must have registered their product through our website warranty registration found here. Proof of purchase may be required. We may require you to send in the damaged product for our evaluation (at your cost to ship) and / or require pictures and description of how the damage occurred. We retain the right to refuse breakage warranty coverage when we believe that the product has not met the appropriate guidelines. Lost / stolen or misplaced goods do not qualify for this coverage. All shipping and applicable taxes are to be covered by the customer.

Please contact for any breakage warranty coverage issues.