Frequently Asked Questions


Don't like the shades or watches? No worries we won't judge, SunFly is here to please. We offer a 30-day return policy.

  • Don't like the fit? - return 'em
  • Don't like the color? - return 'em
  • Don't like the increased cool factor??? - return 'em.

Glasses and watches must be in new condition with original packaging. We only ask that you cover the shipping charges back to us.

Contact us at to return or exchange your sunnies or watch.


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Products ship within 1-2 working days from order placement. (We do not ship on weekends)

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Will my glasses float?

Bamboo glasses will float. Our other SunFly wood glasses - although light - may not float. Float test at your own risk!

Are SunFly glasses waterproof?

SunFly glasses are water-resistant but not water-proof. We do not recommend submerging your glasses in water or keeping them wet for long periods off time. If they get wet, to preserve the life of the glasses, we recommend that you dry them off. They are however beach- proof! 

Can I use prescription lenses with them?

Our glasses are not designed to be used with prescription lenses at this time. 

Do they require special care?

We want you to have these glasses a long time so some additional care will help lengthen the life of your glasses and keep them looking sharp. The bamboo and wood will dry out over time. To ensure longevity of your sunnies, every couple of months you can lightly oil them to prevent them from cracking. We suggest using mineral oil. Do not use use olive or vegetable oils.

Salt water can also damage lenses and the finish on the glasses over time. If used in a salt water environment, please take care to clean then with non-salt water cloth and remove any salt residue. Please use the micro-fiber cloth that come with your sunglasses as other cloths may damage and scratch the lenses.

Will SunFly glasses enhance my beach days?

Yes. Our glasses are uniquely designed with proprietary 'cool' technology increasing your cool vibes by a factor of 10. We can guarantee that when wearing SunFlys you will be 80% cooler 70% of the time almost every time! See you at the beach!

Is my SunFly Watch Waterproof?

No. Please refrain from wearing your watch in pools, lakes, oceans and all those cool places where it would look particularly good. The watch is considered 'splash' proof so gentle rain and occasional water on the watch will be fine. We recommend wiping it down / drying it when it does get the occasional splash.

Can I change my watch battery?

The batteries can be changed by unscrewing the 4 small screws and removing the back piece. We recommend going to any experienced jeweler to do this for you to ensure appropriate battery replacement and that care is taken during replacement. Typically cost is around $10. Batteries should only require replacement every 2-3 years or more. Damage due to battery replacement is not covered under warranty.

Can my Watch be re-sized?

Yes. If you order from us we can resize your full wood watch band at no additional costs. See our guidelines here. Alternatively, you can take your watch to a professional jeweler and have them re-size if for you. Links are removable in the same fashion as more traditional metal watches. Damage due to link removal or adjustment is not covered through our warranty.

How durable are the watches?

Due to the nature of the wood (not the watches or craftsmanship), these watches are not as durable as typical metal or plastic/rubber watches. The watches hold up very well during normal day to day activities such as walking, office work, jogging, beach day, travelling. They are more prone to damage during more intensive activities such as physical labour, contact sports. The watches should not be exposed to extreme temperatures (very hot / humid or cold) for long periods of time or rapid changes in extreme temperatures. 

How often should I wear my watch?

The more often you wear your watch the better. As you wear your wooden watch, you can expect the color to age, enhance and deepen in beauty over time. This is due to a number of factors such as skin oils, exposure to sunlight, humidity and air temperature. The natural oils from your skin will help keep the watch looking polished and clean over time.

General Watch Care and Cleaning

Regular, gentle cleaning and avoiding excess sunlight for lengthy periods of time will ensure your SunFly watch will keep its color for years to come. If you do not wear the watch regularly you should apply a few small drops of mineral oil to a cloth and gently clean the wood to ensure longevity of the watch. We suggest ever month or two if you are not regularly wearing the watch weekly. Always store your watch in the SunFly wood case to prevent sunlight, dust and other items that could potentially damage the watch.